Introducing Ri-flections - Our Hanson Road Blog written from the original Roadie herself, Riannon.✨

Growing Stronger Together 🌿

As I sit down to type this very first blog in my new Ri-Flections series, my heart is swelling with gratitude, at the same time my brain is swarming with anxiety and my chest aches with compassion. I'm Riannon, the owner of Hanson Road, the Downtown Flower Shop that strives to be more than just a business - we aim to be a safe, welcoming haven for all. That mission feels more important than ever right now, when the world itself feels so unsafe and insecure.

In these trying times, we have witnessed the ebb and flow of businesses, some closing their doors, others reluctantly being put up for sale. We’ve received messages from long-time floral subscribers who, despite loving flowers and depending on their uplifting boost every month in their home, have had to cancel because they just can’t afford the expense when a pint of raspberries costs almost as much as a full, flowing bouquet. It's heart-wrenching to see the struggle, and it brings to the forefront the importance of community support. It is a reminder that behind every small business is a dream, a dedicated team, and a desire to contribute to the vibrancy of our beloved downtown. It is ALSO a reminder that every single purchase or engagement from a community member is so much more than just that - it’s a commitment to ensuring local businesses survive, and that local jobs stay available for Frederictonians.

Our journey at Hanson Road has been no exception to the economic challenges faced by many. However, amidst uncertainty, what has truly stood out is the unwavering support we've received from our Roadies both near and far, through both shopping and words of support online, social media engagement and positive word of mouth.  Your loyalty has been the sunlight that allows our little flower shop to continue to bloom, even in the darkest economic storms.

As the year draws to a close and we look toward the new one, I want to express my deepest gratitude. Your support has allowed us to continue weathering the storm and empowered us to continue being the Downtown Flower Shop you've come to know and love. The aroma of fresh flowers, eucalyptus and decadent blend of soap and candles, our carefully crafted floral designs, and the welcoming atmosphere we aspire to nurture are all a testament to the resilience of our shared Fredericton spirit.

Despite our combined commitment and efforts, and we mean ours and our community of Roadies, we know that there will continue to be challenging times ahead. Pivoting and adapting to the changing times means we are refocusing on our roots - the roots of our blooms that is!

Our goal is not just to be a business, but a constant in your lives. We want Hanson Road to be that familiar place you turn to when you need to brighten someone's day or express your sentiments through flowers. Together, we've created a space where love and compassion blossom and we are determined to continue doing so.

My first Ri-flections blog is dedicated to you.  Dedicated to our community of roadies, our flower fam, local business supporters, and all-around amazing people.

I want to express my deepest thanks to each and every one of you. Your support has been the bedrock of our existence, and we are truly blessed to be part of such a caring and resilient community. As we navigate the winding and bumpy road ahead, we know we are not alone, and want you to know that as well. 

Let's keep growing stronger together. 

Until our next Ri-flections,