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Riannon McVay

THE Roadie

Hi Flower Fam! I’m Riannon, the owner and founder of Hanson Road. If you happened to read ‘our story’, I’m that little girl who used to ride up and down the real life Hanson Road in a pink wagon picking wildflowers with my mom and sister every summer. It turns out that I’m one of those lucky people whose childhood dreams really did come true. Except, I don’t actually believe in luck. I believe in hard work (to a fault, unfortunately), good design, and not taking no for an answer when it comes to following your dreams

You could call me something between a crazed workaholic flower lady, and the world’s laziest dorito-eating sloth when I’m not at work. My humongous 100-pounds-and-growing puppy Henderson is the light of my life, and I kiss him full on the mouth at least 200 times per day. 

I’m a sucker for a monochromatic color palette, and most unexpectedly if you knew me growing up, my favourite color is peachy pink. I think roses are best when they are so blown out that they are seconds away from dropping their petals, and that black eyed susans will forever be the happiest flower in the world. Even though it makes me sound like a nerd, I really truly think that flowers are the purest love language in the world, and that everyone deserves them as often as they can get their hands on them.

Chee Riemenschneider

Lead Managing Roadie

Yo and Hello! I’m Chee :) and I’m the Lead Managing Roadie. Born and raised in small-town Alberta, I craved the city life and moved to Vancouver. There I studied Fashion Design & Marketing and eventually met my husband and we have gradually drifted east to Fredericton. 

I am a die-hard DIY’er with a thirst for learning. From collecting onion skins to naturally dye cotton string for macrame to stitching moccasins to sewing my own wedding dress slip, I have gained a peculiar skillset. I dove headfirst into the world of all things house plants during the pandemic and now have a plant fam of 88 and always adopting. 

I get restless in the mundane and am inspired to be around like-minded people. This is why I am so excited to contribute and be a part of this beautiful collective at Hanson Road. The moment I stepped into this flower team, I knew this was a place for me and my peculiar skillset to thrive!

Also - I have two cats. Oprah and Klaus

Jessie Gagne

Plant Specialist Roadie

Hello Roadies! I’m Jessie, and I am the shop’s Plant Care Specialist. My journey with this flowery little dream team started in May of 2021. I was in a rut and needed a change - big time. Always having been fascinated with the outdoors, nature, and greenery, I had been studying and adding houseplants to my space in efforts to add those aspects; while also inducing some productivity and accountability for myself. Eventually, I found myself completely entranced by all the foliage that surrounded me and the green world at my fingertips. I knew that I had found my passion, the first thing that stuck and genuinely felt true. Flash forward to today, I’m putting my passion and experience into play and truly love what I do!

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