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Hanson Road: Eucalyptus Shower Bundle


Hang your bundle from your shower head, against the wall out of the stream of water. Keep bathroom door and shower curtain/door closed to produce as much steam as possible for maximum results! The steam slowly diffuses the eucalyptus essential oil over a 2-3 week period and provides the following benefits: 

Stress reduction. The oil found in eucalyptus is known to produce a calming or grounding effect when breathed in or used. Think essential oils!

Pain relief. Many of our customers who hang their eucalyptus in the shower report eased pain and body aches. Especially those with arthritis and joint stiffness in the colder months.

Respiratory health. Eucalyptus oil helps to open the airways and provide temporary relief to those who may have ongoing respiratory issues or illnesses. The steam and oil work together to break through barriers making it difficult to breathe and open the airways.

Stuffiness, sinuses, nasal. SO many of you have said that you now swear by eucalyptus when you’re feeling stuffy or catch a cold. Just like respiratory, eucalyptus helps break down mucus and congestion in the nasal passage and sinus areas. It is a great all natural aid.

We are not medical professionals or scientists, but we certainly have experienced and seen / heard your reviews on the wonderful benefits of eucalyptus and shower bundles. We invite you to try a fresh bundle today and hopefully find your newest all natural home remedy. 🌱

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