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    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Not Coffee - Superfood Tea Blend


    Dear coffee: We love you for your intoxicating aroma and bold and bitter flavour. Jitters, insomnia and tummy aches? No thanks! This herbal revelation brings the glorious richness and ritual...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Spiced Coconut Chai - Superfood Tea Blend


    The chai with its own fan club. This comforting tea is rockin' superfoods tulsi, ginger and cinnamon, for a sip that's pleasantly spicy and sweet. Rooibos makes it a naturally...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Vanilla Cookie Calm - Superfood Tea Blend


    Treat Yourself:Skip the sugar, keep the treat. This soothing tea evokes the warm and fuzzy feeling of cookies fresh from the oven. Rooibos, chamomile, tulsi keep it caffeine-free and ultra...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Turmeric Ginger Tonic - Superfood Tea Blend


    Sip & bliss out on this fiery concoction of glowing turmeric root, sweet cinnamon, and zingy ginger. Sweet tulsi is your mellow, inflammation-hacking companion, smoothing out stress and anxiety. Tasting...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Coco Rose Earl Grey - Superfood Tea Blend


    This luxurious twist on the classic Earl Grey is light and balanced with organic bergamot essence and a hit of nuttiness from toasted coconut. Blended with rose petals and cinnamon,...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Morning Glory - Superfood Tea Blend


    Good morning beautiful! You deserve a better breakfast tea. This deliciously balanced blend was created with your best morning in mind. Organic black tea brings a bold boost to start...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Rose Hibiscus Glow - Superfood Tea Blend


    Boost beauty from the inside-out with this hydrating blend that’s dripping with hibiscus, rosehip & super berry schisandra. With a ruby red tint and fruity feel, it’s like a plant-powered,...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Pumpkin Spice Chai - Superfood Tea Blend


    Superfood Pumpkin Spice! There’s nothing “basic” about this pumpkin spice latte! Organic black tea, real pumpkin, superfoods and chai spices like tulsi, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla bean make for a...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Chill Mama - Mama To Be Tea Collection


    Superfood Tea Blend - The Mama-to-be Collection Formulated for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding A Sip of Self-Care. Hey mama, you deserve a little down time. Sip and zen out with this...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Mint Cacao Bliss - Superfood Tea Blend


    A nourishing take on your evening sweet fix, this Mint Cacao Bliss tea sneaks in the beauty-boosting benefits of antioxidant powerhouse raw cacao. Soothing peppermint helps support digestion - your...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Lavender Vanilla Earl Grey - Superfood Tea Blend


    Lavender & Cream bold black tea, soothing floral lavender, and a creamy finish from vanilla bean…would you like a buttered scone with that? This chic twist on a classic earl...

    Lake & Oak Tea Co: Dandy Mint Refresh - Superfood Tea Blend


    Clean Greens Super herbs to the rescue! This soothing tea packs a healthy punch with digestive and detox-supporting herbs like dandelion, nettle, peppermint, ginger, and licorice. Enjoy this pleasant sipper...

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