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    Crimson Cranberry Tea


    Cozy in a Cup. A cozy blend to help keep immunity and spirits high featuring super fruit combo, elderberry and cranberry. Caffeine Free. Did you know: Cranberry and elderberry are...

    Glow & Grow Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    The (natural) beauty blend. A slightly floral beauty boosting blend featuring lavender and nettle to help sip into relaxation while strengthening hair & nail growth. Caffeine free. Did you know: Nettle...

    Golden Slumbers Sleep Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    A lullaby in a cup. A calming blend to guide you from a long day, straight into dreamland with peppermint and rooibos. Caffeine Free. Did you know: Rooibos is known to...

    Hocus Focus Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    Magically focusing. A mystical brew featuring yerba maté and gingko to help get through everything on that to-do list.  Did you know: Ginseng and maté are known to support cognitive function...

    In The Flow Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    Making periods suck less. A menstruation support blend featuring detoxifying dandelion leaf to get back into the flow during the monthly flow. Caffeine Free. Did you know: Dandelion and peppermint are...

    Maté Boost Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    If the energizer bunny was a blend. An energy and metabolism boosting blend, with yerba maté and a citrusy finish, to keep you on top of your game (and your inbox!)...

    Midnight Mint Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    Soothing worries (and digestive systems). A calming blend of peppermint, rooibos and rose to transition from hustle to relax mode. Caffeine Free. Did you know: Peppermint is known to soothe and...

    Mothers Helper Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    A busy mom's secret to sanity. A strawberry and papaya blend to raise energy and mood, while raising humans. Did you know: Maté supports energy and help stabilize mood. Ingredients: Green...

    Pumpkin Spice Tea


    Not your basic PSL. A not-so-basic autumn classic gets an upgrade with the addition of beautifying rosehip. Did you know: Rosehip and real (!!) pumpkin are known to support healthy skin...

    Self Care Elixir Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    Like a meditation, in a cup. An Ayurvedic-inspired blend featuring super-herb Moringa and hints of citrus and cinnamon to elevate self-care rituals. Caffeine Free. Did you know: Moringa is known to...

    Shake It Off Tea

    $14.00 – $22.00

    Like a doctor, in a cup. An immune supporting blend featuring echinacea, for shaking off the first signs of a cold and getting on with your day. Did you know: Echinacea...

    Smart Heated Mug Kit


    Never drink lukewarm tea again. We made the Smart Heated Mug Kit for busy people who have high (temperature) standards and good taste.Each kit comes complete with:✔️ Perfect sized mug...

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