Please read below for important subscription information

    All subscriptions come with a custom Hanson Road hammered glass vase, designed to be the perfect fit for your bouquet :)

    You can design your own custom subscription by choosing between 3 bouquet options, each option goes up in price, size and quantity of signature blooms. You also get to choose between 3 frequency options - a weekly, biweekly or monthly bouquet! Your subscription can either be picked up or delivered locally. 

    Every single bouquet will be different, as each week of the year we work with a different color palette and different bloom direction. Bouquets will vary slightly in size from week to week, as the recipes will be based on the selection of seasonal flowers that we have in at any given time. Some bouquets will be voluminous and full of beautiful, simple and economical blooms, and some bouquets will be delicate and focus not on size, but on the rarity of specialty blooms when we can get our hands on them :) We promise that each and every bouquet will be stunning, unique, of equal value, and never the same twice!

    All subscriptions are ongoing and cannot be purchased for specific lengths of time, but can be cancelled at any time simply by emailing us your request to cancel. They cannot be purchased in term lengths (for example a 3 month period). Please only order ONE subscription (if you indeed only want one) and do not increase the quantity of subscriptions in an attempt to purchase them for that quantity of times. You will be charged for the quantity you input every time your bouquet is due, so it is important to only input one! If you do this by accident and for example, order a quantity of 6 bouquets, meaning you really only want 1 bouquet for 6 months, you ill be charged for 6 bouquets every single month. We unfortunately cannot correct this error once it has been done, and have to completely refund you and cancel the subscription so that you can start a new one correctly. 

    You can upgrade (to a bigger or more frequent bouquet), skip, pause, cancel or change your subscription details (ie payment method or delivery address) at any time simply by emailing us your update request. 

    Subscriptions are prepared as close as possible to the recurring date that you begin them on. IE if your next bouquet is due to be picked up or delivered on January 1st but that falls on a day we are closed, it will be available to be picked up our next opening day, or delivered our next delivery day. We always send you a ‘ready for pickup’ reminder, or let you know when we are on our way to deliver!

    If you miss a bouquet… by not picking it up or not alerting us that you/the recipient will not be home for delivery, we will attempt to reach you both by phone and email within 48 hours to confirm the situation. If we cannot reach you within that time frame, we unfortunately cannot refund your missed bouquet that is no longer fresh and cannot be redirected. 

    We cannot guarantee custom requests for the duration of any subscription, but we will do our best to accommodate special instructions. IE we cannot guarantee that no red will ever grace your bouquet if you despise the colour red (as some weeks of the year, like Christmas and Valentine’s day, red is simply unavoidable in our palettes), but we will attempt to honour special requests as closely as possible based on our fresh inventory. 

    Humble Hand-Tied Bouquet Subscription


    The Humble Hand-Tied Bouquet is for the flower-lover that just needs that extra dose of happiness in their days. The perfect addition to any room, this sweet and simple design...

    Happy Medium Hand-Tied Bouquet Subscription


    The Happy Medium Hand-Tied Bouquet is the perfect POP of positivity for any joy-seeker! This bouquet is all about the good vibes. It will brighten up your dining table, that...

    Heck-of-a-Hand-Tied Bouquet Subscription


    The Heck-of-a-Hand-Tied Bouquet will give you a HECK of a boost when you lay your eyes on it. This show-stopper is for the flower FIEND and will not disappoint. Filled...

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